The Biggest Lie Ever Told Online

- by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

I'll admit it... starting out online I fell for the lie -- hook, line, and sinker. 

In fact, I spent thousands of dollars on the lie.

What is it?

Well, let me summarize the biggest lie on the Internet as told by all the get-rich-quick scammers (so you buy their "magic" books and software): 

"You don't need money, you don't need to invest time, and you don't need a product in order to make a million dollars on the Internet. Buy my software… click this button… and you'll get rich!" 

What a truckload of dog poo-poo!

Now, before the doom and gloom crowd get started, don't get me wrong. 

I still firmly believe that anybody can succeed online. 

If you know what to do, you can actually succeed faster than people did it back in the late 1990's because customers now understand how to use the Internet more than they did even six or seven years ago. 

It's actually easier to sell products and make an income online than it's ever been before in the history of the Internet… even if you're operating on a total "shoestring" budget!

But more on that in a minute…

There are basically 2 pieces of the puzzle that lead to making real, consistent, lasting income online.

The First Puzzle Piece...

The first piece of the puzzle is an investment of time, energy, and effort. 

Anyone who believes they can make money on the Internet with no effort needs to slam their head against a wall and WAKE UP!

There's a universal law called "Cause and Effect" you need to be aware of in all that you do.

In short, it says that you can't get any results without any input.

You can stare at a soda machine… rub the soda machine… hope, wish, beg, or otherwise try to persuade a soda machine to give you drink, BUT, without first *doing* something to make soda come out, you'll NEVER get one!

You can't get a soda from a vending machine unless you *do* something:

  1. Put in a dollar in the machine and press a button -- or --

  2. Beat the hell out of the machine with a sledgehammer, break the lock, and steal a soda -- or --

  3. Tip the machine upside down and make all the drinks fall out -- or --

  4. Take some other *action* that leads to soda coming out of the machine.

Here's how this same universal law of "Cause and Effect" -- which NOBODY can avoid -- applies to the Internet. 

If you don't do anything, nothing happens. " Nothing in… nothing out!"

If you do just a little, you still don't get anything. " Garbage in… garbage out!"

If you learn to take efficient, purpose-driven action, you'll get the results you want. "Quality in… quality out!"

If you want the results of a consistent, quality income and a thriving business, you must make an investment of time and energy. 

You can do this one of two ways:

  1. You hire someone to do all the work and invest the time and energy that it takes (can actually be done more cheaply than you might think… but nobody, unless they have brain damage, will do it for free as many scammers would have you believe.)

  2. You invest the time, energy and effort yourself instead of spending the money to have someone or something do it for you.

The Second Puzzle Piece...

The second piece of the puzzle for long-term success is having your own unqiue product

Now I know there are people out there, myself included, selling courses on how to make money as an affiliate. 

Those plans work (and they work very well), however, for long-term success online and to get other people to build your business for you, you must have your own product. 

Now let us talk about what kind of product you need. 

First, you need to have a downloadable product, and the reason for that is actually twofold:

1. You create the product once and it's done. 

When you sell an ebook over and over and over, you are selling the same file... you don't have to go make a new copy every single time you sell it like you do with a physical product. 

2. A downloadable product enables you to create an "oil well" website where everything truly does operate on autopilot (where the website does the selling, payment processing, and product delivery all without any interaction on your part). 

In short, a downloadable product enables you to get paid over and over again for taking one-time actions… which, in my opinion, is about the most exciting thing that's ever happened in the world of information publishing!

Your Two Simplest Options For
Creating Your Own "Oil Well" Product…
Even On A "Shoestring"

You have two primary options for creating a simple but valuable downloadable product. 

The first and simplest is to create an ebook. 

An ebook is a neatly packaged set of information (usually published as a PDF or .EXE file) that has a beginning, middle, and end. 

An ebook usually solves a problem or satisfies a pressing need for a specific niche audience. 

Your other option for creating a downloadable product is to hire someone to create a piece of software for you. 

I have done this with my Affiliate Link Cloaker Software; however, when you're just starting out I don't recommend this option

The reason I do not recommend it is because your own software often requires too much customer support and customer service on the back end that you do not need at this stage of your online career. 

My advice is to start out with an ebook or text-based special report targeted at a specific, highly defined niche market.

So, just to summarize what we've talked about so far:


First, because your only support requirement with an ebook is to make sure people can actually download it and read it. 

Second, an ebook has a high perceived value... especially if it solves a problem or solves a pressing need for a specific target audience. 

Third, an ebook is your fastest time to market with a product if you're operating on a shoestring budget. 

FACT: You can create a killer ebook in 7 days or less if you know the proven techniques. 

Fourth, if you make sure you target a specific niche, you can build a list of customers whom you can sell more stuff to! 

FACT: If you have your own, original ebook, it is MUCH easier for you to quickly build a loyal list of subscribers. I'll explain why in just a minute. 

Now, it is possible to build a list of customers while selling as an affiliate, but it takes a lot longer to do it. Also, it's a lot harder to get somebody else to endorse you to their list of customers and subscribers, which is one of the best and fastest ways of building your own list of customers and subscribers quickly!

Which brings us to our next point…

Your Own Unique Product Generates
Higher Quality Traffic
You Don't Have To Pay For!

The next key to your success online after you have your own unique product is traffic

FACT: Nobody makes it online without traffic... it's the life-blood of ANY online business!

Now, if you operate strictly as an affiliate selling other people's products, you only have one option for getting traffic: you must buy it.

You either buy it with your time… or you buy it with your money. 

To buy traffic with your time, you do things like write articles and submit comments on discussion boards. Both of these are very effective traffic techniques when done correctly.

You can also buy traffic with your time by promoting to the free search engines… but this can represent a very time-consuming, complicated and "iffy" proposition that doesn't carry any predictable level of success -- especially when you're just starting out.

To buy traffic with your money, you do things such as pay-per-click advertising on search engines like Overture and Google Ad Words. You can also do some advertising in ezines with classified ads and solo-emails.

Bottom Line: Those are your options for getting traffic if you don't have your own product. 

(And NO, ffa pages, safelists, exit traffic exchanges, "randomizers" and all that other crap doesn't work to generate quality traffic! People who sell that junk fall into the category of idiots telling the biggest lie ever told online like I talked about at the beginning of this report!)

However, when you have your own products, not only can you use these paid traffic sources, but you can also take advantage of much faster traffic sources… specifically getting endorsements for your product from others who target the same niche market you do. 

MILLION DOLLAR TIP: If you want to succeed faster than anyone else in a particular niche market, create an ebook that complements but does not compete with the majority of the players focusing on that niche. This will enable you to more easily find people to announce your product out to their lists and bring you gobs of traffic than if you have an ebook that's in direct competition with a product offered by the person you're approaching to endorse you. 

Example of this Million Dollar Tip from my own business:

I regularly turn down offers to promote products about writing ebooks. Why? Because I've co-authored several products about creating ebooks already. Why would I want to promote a direct competitor? 

But I'm very open to ebook related products like PDF converters, effective ebook promotion tools, etc. 

See the difference? The first group compete with me, but the second group complement what I already offer.

<-- Side Note -->

As we move on, I will make one assumption here, simply because it takes 50 pages to teach you, but I have to assume that you also have a good one page sales letter website. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to create it for you.

<-- End Side Note -->

Once you have your one-page sales letter website up and you run traffic across it from pay-per-click search engines, articles, and the like, you'll know "your numbers" and be able to approach super affiliate partners. 

You see, once you have your own product, in this case an ebook that targets a niche market, you can generate big blasts of traffic by finding and persuading as many endorsement partners as you can, commonly called "super affiliates," to endorse your product to their lists.

This is how you get the large, instant traffic bonanzas that build your business very, very quickly! (And, in the beginning of my career, this was one of my main ways to get traffic quickly and in large quantities when I didn't have a list of my own!)

Then, to build a steady stream of traffic, you roll your ebook out with your own affiliate program and by promoting with articles… which are your two best sources of ongoing traffic. 

What makes this even better is that all the while you are driving traffic, you are building your own list of customers and subscribers to whom you can sell over and over again…

Your Own Opt-In List Of Subscribers Is The Key… And It All Starts With Your Own Product

The final piece of the puzzle to building a long-term online business is to constantly build your opt-in list of subscribers.

One of the ways to do this is with a strong mini-course, especially promoting it to those who do not buy your ebook on the first go around. (You can model one of the most popular mini-courses in the history of the Internet at the bottom of this page. Sign up for it, watch what we do and how we do it... this can serve as a model for your own highly successful mini-course.)

An effective mini-course accomplishes several things for you:

1. First, it gives you the opportunity to repeatedly contact people who show up to your site, but do not buy right away, and encourage them to make a purchase. 

2. Second, this follow-up will help cement your relationship with your affiliates (both Super and regular) because, if your affiliate software cookies the visitor like Clickbank does, and the visitor purchases from the follow up messages, your partners will get the sales credit. 

3. Third, this automated follow up, combined with more sales for affiliates, creates a wonderful money-cycle for you! As you build your subscriber base, you're making sure your partners get credited with their sales… which in turn will make them want to promote you even more… which will bring you even more subscribers -- and the wonderful cycle continues!

Bottom Line: Long Term Success Online Can Only Come From Having Your Own Product

Let me summarize this entire report with the key points you must take away if you hope to succeed:

1. Don't believe the lie that you can succeed online with no effort, no money, and no investment of time… but understand that with the right strategies you can actually succeed faster online than you ever could offline - especially if you're operating on a "shoestring" budget.

2. Having your own unique product that targets a specific, highly-focused niche is an absolute MUST if you want to succeed in the short AND long term.

3. Once you have your own product that targets a niche, make sure that you concentrate on driving traffic and building your list. 

4. Work that list over and over and over with value added information so that they will come back and buy… which will reward not only you, but the partners who bring you more and more traffic. 

Bottom Line: This whole process starts with having your own, unique product. 

There is no way around it. 

Whether you have an unlimited budget or if you're operating on a shoestring, or even if you're simply looking for a proven way to establish yourself online, creating an ebook still represents the simplest way to get going, build a list, make money, and establish yourself in the marketplace.


Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an incredible *proven* ebook that will teach you how to write and publish your own highly profitable ebook in as little as 7 Days or less... even if you failed high school English class!