Who else wants to discover the 14 secrets to
writing, publishing and selling
dynamically successful ebooks online?

Bill wanted to write and sell his own book online, but...

Bill was tired of submitting his books to New York editors and collecting piles of reject slips, so he decided  to go directly to the public.  He had no problem writing a book -- he was a good writer, but when it came to publishing it, putting it on the web and getting people to look at it and buy it, he didn't have the skills. He was getting nowhere.  After months of frustration, he was ready to give up...

Alex stuck with his college essay but the deadline was overnight...

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Sue set up a website to sell her book, but it wasn't selling...

With her writing and web skills, Sue set up a website complete with Clickbank and Paypal to pay for it and download it, and an autoresponder to gather an opt-in list.  The trouble was, it wasn't "converting".  NOBODY WAS BUYING THE BOOK.  What was wrong?  Well, in spite of the fact that she was a good writer, she didn't know how to write a promotional page THAT WOULD SELL.  She needed...

George had his product ready, and his site up, but he couldn't...

George had it figured out about half way.  He had the product ready, he had part of his site up, but he couldn't figure out how to configure it so that customers could pay for it and download it.  He needed somebody to show him how to do it, but unless he hired a VERY EXPENSIVE "mentor" he was going to have to give up...

Amanda had built online businesses marketing a variety of products, but she didn't know how to market affiliates...

Becoming an ebook affiliate was next on Amanda's list.  She had had some success marketing hard goods on ebay, but when it came to informational marketing, she didn't know where to turn for the instruction and software she needed.  She was drawn by the products advertising for affiliates, each claiming spectacular profits.  But she didn't know how to market them, or even where to start...

Do you identify with these people? Would you like to see your writing and marketing skills increased to a level that will finally make the profits you've dreamed about?

From the desk of John Young 

Dear Friend,

You and I want to publish what we write. 

We want to make our living doing what we enjoy the most -- doing what we are compelled to do.  And that is to write. You and I are both writers, but you know as well as I do that it isn't enough just to write.  You want somebody to read what you write, and -- even better -- buy it (then read it).

We drool with envy at the multimillionaire authors placing their books in the top twenty best seller lists, or the magazine writers publishing in the glossy mags packing  the newstands, or even the 6 figure copywriters making big deals with the Direct Markets.

But even with our best efforts, publication and fulfillment seem to elude us.  Our "spec" submissions keep getting rejected, and we can't even get an audience with the thousands of Direct Marketing companies that are supposedly ravenous for new copywriters.

You're like me.  You can't get past them.  Your frustration has led you here, to a place where you just might be able to take control of your life...by presenting your literary works directly to a public who is the sole judge of what it will buy and what it won't.

You've come to a place where you will find  the kind of independence and control over your own destiny that you crave.

The secret trip around New York

If you've travelled the same route I have, you've made the trip to New York.  You've written books, short stories or magazine articles, and tried to get a New York editor to buy and publish them.  Or maybe you've tried to enlist an agent to represent you so that you can get a New York editor to so much as take a look at your works.

And if you are like me, you've got a lot less hair -- from pulling it out in frustration.

There is a secret trip AROUND New York, however, and it has to do with offering your works directly to  the public.  If we can just do that, we no longer have to write things "on spec".  We no longer have to write something we hope an editor will accept and buy, offer it up to her, and wait for her to come back with a check.

Too often, this results in a reject slip which translates into nothing -- nada -- zip, since all we've succeeded in doing is giving away something an editor can use.

And it's way too expensive (and self defeating) to self publish offline.  As you no doubt know, self publishing is through VANITY PRESSES which are not respected by reviewers, cost 10's of thousands of dollars, and result in a garage full of books you have to distribute yourself.

Am I connecting with you here?  Am I getting to you? I hope so.

That's the answer? Go directly to the public to sell what I write?

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Just set up a website, put your literary creation on it, and somebody will come along and read it. 

Yeah, right.  I hate to tell you this:  NOBODY will see it. NOBODY will read it. And above all, NOBODY WILL BUY IT.

You will not be paid, you will not be read, and you will not be recognized.  Your site will be buried at the bottom of 4 million other sites and won't even show up in a targetted search.

So how do you get your work out there so the public WILL SEE IT AND BUY IT?

You become the business

Publishing your work and marketing it to a paying public requires that you set up an entire business.
  • YOU become the marketer.  
  • YOU  become the writer.  
  • YOU become the editor.  
  • YOU set up the sales copy
  • YOU become the distributer
  • YOU are the Chief ExecutiveOfficer
  • YOU are the Chief Financial Officer

In short you become the owner, operator and chief employee of your own publishing business, as well as its sole contributing writer.  (There's another variant on this, where you do everything except write, and set up a business to market other people's books.  This is known as "affiliate marketing".)

Are you ready for the challenge?

Developing a business that sells ebooks, both the ones you write yourself and those you are affiliated with, can be complex and confusing.  It requires a variety of skills and a ton of knowledge in virtually every department you find in a publishing house.

  • Can you set up a list of potential readers?
  • Can you write selling copy?
  • Can you research out the areas where people are most likely to buy?
  • Do you know how to write a salable ebook?  (It's quite different from writing a normal, off-line book).
  • Do you know how to distribute it?
  • Do you know how to get paid for it?
  • Do you know what the legal pitfalls are to this process?

You can easily get lost in all this. Your pursuit of writing and publishing  ebooks
on-line can begin to resemble following a willow-the-wisp through a Florida swamp.  What you want is always just ahead, just out of reach.

A Roadmap Through the Info-Marketing Swamp

Well, take heart!  I've been exploring this swamp, and I've come up with a roadmap.

If you follow it, you'll find the best instructional ebooks, courses, services and software you need to establish and grow a successful online informational marketing business.  In addition, you can find links to keyword search sites, web hosting, and other vital things you'll need as you follow your road to success.

I wish I could promise you some "magical formula" guaranteeing instant success that would suddenly bring in gigantic online profits (you've seen those kinds of ads.)  I'm not going to do that, because I know you're tired of that kind of hype.

The biggest lie on the net

The hard fact is...

Every business involves investment and hard work.  The biggest lie on the internet is that you can buy some kind of "turn-key" business that will instantly propel you to gigantic profits.  It doesn't happen that way.  You need:

  • Knowledge
  • Up-front monetary investment
  • A lot of HARD WORK
  • Time to grow your business
If you're not convinced of this, take a look at The Biggest Lie Told Online © Jim Edwards.  
Also, you might read this free ebook: 21 Big Internet Lies, Volume 1  by William Starrett.
If you need Adobe Reader, get it here .

There are a lot of "players" in the informational marketing game.  These are men and women who have developed products designed to give you the knowledge you need to get "up and running" in the shortest available time.  But there is also a lot of  junk.  I hope that you'll find the "players" here, and not the junk.

Each link will take you to a suite of educational products and software that will enable you to build a highly profitable business, marketing
  • YOUR OWN ebooks
  • Published books by other authors as an affiliate.

Before we go there, however, please take my

Information Marketing Disaster Quiz

to see where YOU are with this process!

Here are the questions!



I want to write my book and then look for somebody to buy it.

I want a quick and easy way to make fast online profits!

Once I get the website up selling my book, people will find it in their search engines and buy it.

After I've written the ebook and  have everything up and running, I 'll find some related Google adwords and sell it through Google.

I don't want to spend any money.  I should be able to make this business run with almost no set up or operating expenses.

I want to find a market where there is no competition, I can make more that way.

I'll just pick a few products, become an affiliate for each of them, and sell them with ad websites.  They all promise fantastic rewards!

I haven't made much money and I was contacted by a mentor who says if I attend his $6500 seminar he'll fix everything.

Seminar? Where is it?  Lead me to it, I've got $6500 burning a hole in my pocket!

I've been blundering around like a blind man in a china shop.  I've spent money and nothing works!

There's this guy who has this secret, exclusive club.  For only $200 a month he'll email me his secrets that will make me rich!

Well, I've been trying now for a few months, and nobody has bought my book.  The Internet just didn't work for me.

So, if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're in the informational marketing disaster zone.  The question is, how do you avoid it?  And if you're in it, how do you get out of it?

Here's my solution --

14 secrets to online ebook and affiliate marketing success

Here are 14 secrets the experts in the field WANT you to know.  Each  wants to "clue you in" on what you need to help you avoid costly mistakes, and SHORTEN the time it takes to grow your online, profitable business.

-- Wait!  Here's a free course you can sign up for before you go further in this letter!
The Nitro Knowledge Learning Series for your free dose of Internet Success Learning

Okay! On to the Secrets --

 Secret #1. How to find and  research the topic.

  • Discover how to choose your "niche" and write ebooks that target it.
  • Use software to analyze the market to discover the supply and demand for the "niche" you have chosen.  Do you need to "slant" your topic to achieve the highest "profitability"?  Without this you may find sales to be extremely disappointing.
  • Research the background information you need to write the book.

#2. How to write the promotional copy.  Experts agree! The one-page, focused  minisite is the way to go when selling ebooks.  The copy on the page must be compelling and able to convert, i.e. sell the book.
  • Write an effective promotional letter for your one page site, then the ebook.  Not a copywriter?  You will need  dynamic sales copy that will sell your online books.  Get a program that will help write the letters for you.

  • Do you need to write ad headlines that will attract and sell your customers?

Secret #3. How to write the book.
  • Do you want to write and sell your red hot ebooks?
Secret  #4. How to publish your new book in a  format your customers can download and read!
(Note: You can't use Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this, because it won't allow you to set up linked affiliate sites, which become your "back end" market. )

Secret  #5.  How to quickly and painlessly set up a mini website to sell your ebook. 

This is the premier instructional tool on the web that will teach you how to set up your site, find a web host, set up an autoresponder to build  your own opt-in list, and set up Clickbank or Paypal so that your customers can pay for and download your books!

It includes what you need to know to track your visitors and avoid spam.  It will demystify things like using ftp to upload your final creation to your site so others can view it. and much, much more....

This is a must for everyone starting out in the informational marketing business!  I refer to this course again and again as I set up my sites.
  • Create bookcovers like this  
to give customers the "look and feel" of a solid book in their hands.

  • Add sound to your site.  Tell your readers about your book in your own voice.

Secret #6.  How to get a domain and set up hosting for your website.

Do you need to buy a domain name and get solid hosting?  (Don't "go cheap" on this.  You want a reasonably priced host that will not crash in the middle of a heavy sales run.  You can lose thousands of dollars with a cheap host).

Here are two of the top hosting companies on the Internet:

#7. How to set up an autoresponder to regularly send reports and updates to your customers.

Secret  #8.  How to build an opt-in list and send out emails that will galvanize your lead list members to buy more products.

  • Build An Opt-In Lead List and generate traffic
  • Send Dynamic emails
         Million Dollar Emails
Secret  #9.  How to market your own or other people's ebooks.

Explode Your Affiliate Profits
The Easy Chair Millionaire
(Note: I highly recommend this the Easy Chair Millionaire.  It's one of the best I've read setting up a blue print for an affiliate marketing program.)

Secret  #10.  How to drive traffic to your website! 

You can't sell a book unless you drive traffic to your books. (No customers, no purchases!) To do this, you have to optimize and boost its rankings in the Search Services. 

  • You can drive hundreds, if not thousands of "warm" customers to your site for free!  Or, for a low monthly fee, you can use the best traffic booster on the market!
The Ultimate Traffic Machine
Traffic Swarm
  (Note: Trafficswarm is a freebie)
  • Software Traffic Booster.  When somebody types in their search terms, will they see your site, or will it be buried somewhere in the 1,000,000 other sites the search engine has found?  Get "impressions" on the web that will boost your position in the search engines.
  • Write articles for ezines and drive traffic to your site!

       Turn Words Into Traffic!

Here's a free little tool which helps to organizie articles:
Article Creator
  • Submit your articles to thousands of ezines at once and get free traffic!  Note: this is a dynamite service.  It's not free but it's well worth the price!
Submit Your Article.com

(Note: this site offers a free course in article writing)

  • Search Engine Optimization:  How to optimize your search engine so that your customers will find you (free article which includes an excellent keyword tool):

Secret #11.  How to market your book to drive up sales!

Magnetic Marketing

And here it is, the controversial
Project X

 Secret #12.  How to increase your profits!

Secret  #13.  How to protect yourself from online link hijackers.

Secret #14.  How to set up and run your online business.
  • Set up your business.
  • Manage your websites and determine where clicks are coming from (important to avoid click fraud).

  • Know and understand the legal aspects of an online business.

Here are two bonus secrets!

Bonus Secret #1.  How to build a highly monitizing website if you are a rank beginner!

This is an all-inclusive complete, online service that takes you through a process similar to the one I've tried to describe in this letter.  This is probably the best company on the internet that will take you from nothing to owning a monetizing site ranked high in the Search Engines.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced ebook marketer, Site Sell will  help you find your niche, evaluate and develop your idea, and enable you to set up a  highly ranked, profitable web site.

Bonus Secret #2.  How to find seminars, online courses, mentors and more!

The mentors may or may not be taking on students right now, but usually slots open up as time progresses.

Bonus Secret #3.  Start your own ezine and drive subscribers to your ebooks, affiliates and advertisers.

More to come!

My Iron-clad Guarantee!

Every letter like this has a guarantee attached to it, and the products you've been studying all do.  You can count on those guarantees.  Usually they're from 60 - 90 days, and if you are dissatisfied with any of the products or they have not helped you, you can return any of them for your money back.

(And, to be frank, you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT shopping on line.  I've been doing it for years without a single problem.  It is as safe as walking down to your local store and putting your credit card in the machine.  Maybe even safer.)

But back to my guarantee.  My guarantee is a little different from what these suppliers offer.  I'll guarantee that if you discover the secrets that are contained in these ebooks, software and services, you will  put yourself in a position to build the successful and highly profitable informational marketing business you know you want. 

What I can't guarantee is that you will actually do it -- that you will invest the time, money, and hard work it takes to build your business.

That's up to you.

But here they are: the men and women who are the "gurus" in this field.  Take the time to get to know them, and find out what they have to offer.  Download, read and study their products and courses and put their advice into practice. 

One guarantee that is absolutely iron clad -- If you do nothing, you will fail.  Guaranteed.

Well, that's all I've got for now, but keep checking this site as I discover more information, software, products and training that will help you achieve the kind of success you're craving in the exploding market of informational products.

I wish you good luck, along with the reminder that we all make our own good luck!



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Join my yahoo ebook Marketing Group!  Let's get together and talk about our successes and failures, critique each other's web sites and write testimonials for our books. Together we can make this work!

P.P.P.S Check back with me from time to time as I find more educational offerings and services that will make us all rich!

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